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iCoach is an online digital health coaching platform that helps individuals stop smoking. Digital coaching, or the process of behavioural change in an online environment, is based on pioneering research, practical clinical experience, and the expertise of psychologists and communication experts.

The platform, which is free of charge, is available in 23 official EU languages. iCoach has been proven effective. More than 30% of people who used iCoach quit smoking.

iCoach is not just intended for those who want to quit smoking. It also aims to inform those who are not yet ready to stub out their last cigarette. This makes iCoach unique. The user is presented with a brief questionnaire that determines his or her stage in a five phase stop smoking process. The questionnaire assesses the user’s behaviour, attitude, and motivation.

The five iCoach phases are:

Phase 1: I do not plan on stopping

Phase 2: I should stop, but I am still in doubt

Phase 3: I will stop smoking shortly

Phase 4: I have just stopped

Phase 5: I have stopped for some time now

iCoach guides the user through a series of comprehensive interactive tools. It also provides tailored feedback, advice, techniques, tasks, as well as mini tests. iCoach sends the user daily email-tips as reminders and for motivation. The user is able to record his progress in a diary.

At the end of each month, iCoach compiles a consultation report. The report gives an overview of the user’s progress until they reach the final phase.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and feel better, look better, be happier, and start spending your cigarette money on something more rewarding and fun.

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iCoach is now also available as a free mobile version in Appstore and on Google Play Store. Let iCoach help you through your toughest moments when the urge to smoke is highest.